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Find below guides, documents and tutorials to get full knowledge of your irrigation controller. Reach out how to create the right program that you need or how to connect a new sensor in few minutes.


Quick installation guide

Steps to set up the controller in minutes.

Connection guide

Learn how to connect electrovalves, sensors, etc.


Technical specifications

Main features, dimensions and consumptions.

Irrigation controller

Key features and highlights about the irrigation controllers.

Mobile app

Info about the mobile application, connection modes, wizards, etc.



Create a moisture sensor triggered program

Apply only the amount of water needed by the soil whenever the moisture sensor indicates it.

Create a Smart Balance program

Automatically adjust the watering times based on weather's location.

Create a standard program

Irrigate for some minutes at a defined time.

Create a cyclic program

Learn to create irrigation cycles in a few steps.


Connect a flow meter

Detect a pipe failure and get reports about the water consumption of your irrigation system.

Connect a moisture sensor

Monitor soil moisture level and activate irrigation only when it is necessary.

Connect a rain sensor

Avoid irrigation on rainy days with this sensor.

Connect a level sensor

Get notified when the water tank level is low or you need to refill a dispenser.

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